About me

Ahoj! Hello!

I am Natalie, Prague-based illustrator, pattern maker and long-term resident, I work under the name ‘Naty Design Prague’.

Want to know something about me? Well, I’m a big animal lover, and live with my partner and two cats, Lilly and Marmie, whom you may ‘meet’ on social media.

Originally from Yorkshire, I have been living in Prague since 2007. I speak Czech, although I know my grammar isn’t the best…and I’m also pretty introvert! So if we meet, please be patient with me!

I LOVE the Czech countryside, and walking on the amazing network of tourist trails, we travel all over the country, and always by train. I make a super vegan picnic too. Some of my favourite places are… Cesky raj, Cesky kras, Kokorisnsko, Jizni morava, Olomouc, Tabor, Litomerice…but really the list is endless.

I love birds, and enjoy spotting them in the forests and cities. The first time I ever saw a Jay was here in Prague. And well…you might notice birds in my designs a little!

As somebody who is not a Czech native, I feel I have somewhat more of a romantic view of the country, which manifests itself in my work. Influenced by Moravian folklore, Prague’s array of architectural styles, the Art Nouveau movement, and moreover by aspects of nature in my surroundings, my work ranges from fun, light hearted illustration, to rich and beautiful, deep coloured surface design patterns.

My motto is ‘creating patterns and illustrations to brighten your day and make you smile’.

Interested in custom design, licensing, commissions or collaborations?

Please feel free to contact me – you can also view some of my work here. 

Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll be back soon!

Tvoje Naty / your Naty