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Scarlet tiger moth large pocket mirror

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I think moths are just as beautiful as butterflies, I remember seeing on of these when I was a child, I’ve never seen one since, but I still really love their patterned appearance, so I thought, lets make a pattern with tiger moths, and here it is, layered over a starry background.

This design is also available on other items

This patterned pocket mirror is perfect for popping in your cosmetic bag, handbag or purse,
or even (hence the name!) in your pocket!

It would also make a nice ‘post friendly’ gift for someone. Perfect for a little birthday present, leaving present or thank you gift.

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With a top quality print and spring loaded mirror, you can be sure it’s a quality item.

size: 76mm / 2.99213 inches

The item will arrive well packaged for you!


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