Alphabet animals postcard M is for Monkey


M is for Martina, Marketa, Matthew, Miriam, Mirka, Marisa, Michaela, Matej, Maisie and Monkey!

One of a series of ‘Alphabet animals’ © Natalie Gray Design 2018

Common squirrel monkey, (Saimiri sciureus), native to South America to Brazil.

Golden lion Tamarin monkeys (Leontopithecus rosalia) are small New World monkeys named for the mane surrounding their face. 
Living in the eastern rainforests of Brazil. Conservation status: ICUN Red list endangered species.

This Illustrated animal alphabet letter will bring cheer to the recipient!

Perfect to give or send for a name day, the birth of a new baby, birthday or to collect and frame as
an art card.

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Printed on strong white 235gsm card

Size A6 – postcard size

Digital print

Designed and printed in Prague, the Czech Republic


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